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sexta-feira, maio 12, 2006

When it's time to do the cha-cha-cha, ain't no crime to do the cha-cha-cha; and if I'm to do the cha-cha-cha, I may cha-cha-cha without warning. Close your lips and do the cha-cha-cha. Shake your hips and do the cha-cha-cha. Do some flips and do the cha-cha-cha. We can cha-cha-cha till the morning... If you ever do the cha-cha-cha, you'll forever do the cha-cha-cha; if you never do the cha-cha-cha, you'll have lived without really dancing. It may be you do the cha-cha-cha. Like to see you do the cha-cha-cha. Stick with me and do the cha-cha-cha: it's the only thing for romancing...

Stephin Merrit

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Blogger margarete said...

8) cha-cha-cha 8)

13/5/06 11:02  
Blogger A Rapariga said...

it's the only thing for romancing.

13/5/06 22:07  

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